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For more than 30 years, Manon Guerin was a specialist in painting effects, paint coating, faux finishing, and a creator of unparalleled ambiances.

Realizing refined and unique decors. She was regarded well among her peers and works in direct collaboration with numerous designers and architects. Mindful of the smallest details, she easily delivers the most challenging commissions with brilliant results.

Manon Guerin’s expertise was covers both commercial and residential spheres. She has worked with severable notable clients: PUBLIC WORKS CANADA, for the Governor General’s residence. Alain Dumont DESIGNER. M/A DESIGNER Montréal -  Gervais Harding DESIGNER etc..

Now after been retired from faux finishing and also Art teaching and French Immersion teaching ; she now concentrates in visuals art. She create  abstract and contemporary painting, using shapes, lines, textures with a mix of acrylic and ink in combination of colors.


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